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Jazmin & Joe | Wedding

Jazmin and Joe tied the knot on a beautiful outdoors wedding last weekend. We were blessed with a rare sunny yet low humidity day, perfect for outdoors wedding. The ceremony was held at Clipper House Inn’s garden in Kemah. The owners actually replanted all the flowers in the garden just for their wedding, how nice was that!? If anyone wants to do a outdoors wedding, I highly recommend The Clipper House Inn. Jazmin and Joe did a great job organizing the day, there wasn’t a dull moment at all. Here are some pictures from their wedding:

Gorgeous location

Joe taking a break from running around setting everything setup

something blue

Joe wrote a touching letter to Jazmin

After several failed negotiations to get the ring (so we can take pictures), she decided to guard the ring with her head…

quick prayer before ceremony

Jazmin’s mom help out with the final touches

a quick dance to loosen the nerves

great moment

I love this cake, lol

The toast

Jazmin’s family gave them a big surprise gift

Jazmin’s father’s birthday is coming up, and everyone sang happy birthday to him

Jazmin and her brother can dance!

Bouquet toss, Mexican style

Jazmin & Joe dedicated a song to the guests

and their guests really put their hearts into the song too

Slow motion cake cut

The knife bounced right off the Mac cake… turns out the top piece is not eatable…

Joe fed Jazmin a huge piece of cake

then covers her up as she attempts to eat that big bite

The getaway car

… and the getaway, LOL

Thank you Jazmin & Joe for the fun times. Regine and I always get a big laugh every time we sort through these pictures!

Liz Perez - March 18, 2010 - 11:18 pm

My fiancée and I just love these pictures. Not just because they are my sister’s wedding pictures, but because they capture every possible wonderful emotion that can arise during a wedding of two amazing people. Thanks guys for being at the right place at the right time every time 🙂

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